Sunday, August 31, 2014

I don't really know anymore.

Fair warning...this blog is all over the place and very sportsy. You were warned. 

Well, it's started. The questions of what I'm going to do when I graduate. PEOPLE, I HAVE NO IDEA. I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, what makes you think I know what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.

But, I will tell you this. It will be BIG. I will make a difference in this world and I will make a name for myself. A name that people will know; a name that will make my parents proud; a name that will make anyone who knows me proud.

Enough talking about adulthood. That's a scary topic that I will continue to avoid until April or maybe even May. 

BUBBIE! He's the coolest kid I know and will always talk sports with me! Love you brother! 

In case anyone missed it; I LOVE SPORTS. It's ridiculous how much I love sports. My perfect Saturday is spent on the couch watching football and yelling at the TV. If baseball is on at the same time; it's even better!! I forget how to girl when I'm watching sports. I start hooping and hollering as if they can actually here me. I can be one of the worst people to watch sports with.....

My whole family loves sports. During March Madness, we all have our own brackets (like 3 or 4 each) and we all have our own TVs. We each are watching a different game and yelling across the house at each other especially if our team is winning. If your team didn't prepared to have it rubbed in your face for the next three weeks. My senior year of high school, I chose Duke (like I do every year) to win...AND THEY DID!! My dad and brother didn't talk to me for like 3 weeks. 

So since my parents are kinda crazy awesome, they surprised us with MEN'S FINAL FOUR tickets this year. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the best athletes compete. It seemed like we had talked about doing this for so long, that it didn't seem real. It was the best weekend!! Even if we did miss my cousin's wedding....sorry Cameron and Kaylee. But sports come first...RIGHT AFTER JESUS...Jesus is always first and then sports.

Back to my craziness; Derek Holland made his season debut last night and it was the most amazing thing. I have been waiting all season to say this...THE DUTCHSTACHE RETURNS. He pitched well and looked comfortable, confident, and controlled  on the mound. He look like the 2011 World Series pitcher again. Not only did he pitch well, he also played for a young man named Briggs Berry. Briggs is battling a rare form of cancer and became friends with Derek. Holland played with Briggs name written on his cleats. So me being me, I began to read about Briggs. Let me tell you, homeboy is awesome. This rare disease took his brothers life and now it's trying to take his. I'm pretty sure that Briggs will kick this disease's butt! I'm praying for you, Briggs! Last night was a new start for both Derek and Briggs. 

Like I said, I kinda like sports...just a little bit. 

OH and JJ Watt signed a HUGE extension on Monday. We get MegaWatt for 6 more years, 6 MORE YEARS!!! I was having a pretty terrible day until I read the article about Watt. Then to find out that he showed up at 4 am for workout. Can we just give him MVP now? He has earned his new contract and proves that he deserves every single penny. Watt has a saying that he lives by and I'll be adopting this now. DREAM BIG WORK HARD. He's living proof that hard work will get you places. 

Oh. Let's just add to my awkwardness shall we. Today, I pinky promised a person that I don't even know while he was eating cotton candy. My life hasn't been too awkward lately and it's been so nice!! I can be normal but I highly doubt that it will last long.

Here's some proof that I know how to be a girl...sometimes. Look at that curled hair and make up! ;)

Happy Wednesday y'all! :) Keep being beautiful and God bless!

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