Sunday, August 10, 2014

I should make a movie.

I've always said that I should write a book or make a movie of my life. Now, I'm going to do the next best about it.

I started a blog three like summers ago and talked about snow cone flavors. It was a terrible attempt and I am forever reminded of my failure everytime I eat a snowcone. 

Then, I blogged about my internship for my summer class. It made me think that this is a good way for me to share on my adventures. 

Also, my best friends (Keagan and Levi) decided to move to Perryton for some career in teaching. I don't know...sounds like a grown up job to me. So I thought this would be a fun and different way to tell them about my adventures. Of course I will call, text, and visit them but this just seems like fun. 

Alright, so for those of you who know me; you know that I'm constantly followed by awkward and unfortunate situations. My life is just a big series of random (never going to happen to anyone else but me) events. 

To start things off I LOVE SPORTS. Especially baseball. The sports will be a recurring theme that most of you will probably get sick of. 

For example, yesterday (August 9th) my brother and I went to my first Frisco RoughRiders baseball game. Just guess who is pitching!? It's the @Dutch_Oven45Derek Holland!! So naturally I do what any crazy girl would do....freak out! Just kidding, well only a little. I did not scream, I politely waved back as HE WAVED AT ME. But right before he waved, he walked past our seats and I almost missed it. MY LIFE IN ONE PHASE. I almost missed it. Thankfully I had my camera ready know where this is going...someone, who shall remain nameless (Kyle Moore), text me! I almost missed it. I did miss the picture of him right In front of me. But a shot from behind will do just fine! 
Derek Holland is my favorite pitcher!! His Harry Caray impression is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The fastest way to make me laugh is to show me that video. 
I have a tendency to be oblivious and because if that I miss a lot of things. 
     Tip from me: Boys, if you ever decide to flirt with me. Please wear a sign around your neck that completely details what you are doing. Otherwise I have no idea. Sometimes I forget how to girl

This is just the first post of many. I hope that many of you will laugh at my adventures. If you have any stories you would like to share where sometimes you forgot how to girl, please send them to me! 

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