Saturday, August 23, 2014

Whether I'm ready or's here.

A new school year is here and I'm not quite sure if I'm ready or how I feel about it. 

I am starting my 5th year at WTAMU. What!? I'm suppose to be graduated and have a real job, right?! Uh no. When I first realized that it was going to take me an extra year; I become very bitter. Most of my friends had already graduated, moved, or got married. And I was stuck here in Canyon. This made my summer very hard and very frustrating. 

But, I was able to spend my summer watching students that I gave tours to, register for classes and become Buffaloes. It was a very humbling and amazing experience to be a part of.

I realized that I was meant to be here and I needed to be here for these students. I needed to see their faces when they official became Buffs. I now know that I was meant to be here this summer. 

Since I was here all summer for New Student Orientation, I wasn't able to do much this summer. I spent most of my time at home or at work. I can't complain too much because I got to watch a lot of ESPN and baseball. 

Saying I watched a lot of baseball is an understatement. THAT'S ALL I WATCHED. I watched several sports movies as well. I found that I really REALLY like hockey. 

I mean, have you seen those hockey players!? I remembered how to girl then. The Dallas Stars roster is FULL of beautiful people (majority of them took the ice bucket challenge) who I would love to meet. :) The Chicago Blackhawks have a very nice roster as well. 

But I know, without a shadow of doubt, that if I ever met one of them...I would die. I wouldn't know how to act. 

That became very apparent this summer. A very polite gentleman complimented my eyes, and I froze. I had to stand there for a good 15 seconds and scramble for an answer. I finally managed to say thank you. *face to palm*

I forgot how to girl.

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