Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This isn't just a phase.

I guess that I should give an introduction. 

My name is Alexandria Gruhlkey and I'm a 22 year old Super Senior (fifth year) at WTAMU. I'm studying Mass Communications and Elementary education. I have absolutely no clue as to what I want to do when I graduate. Here is a list if all the things I want to do: I want to teach, I want to work for WT, I want to work for the Dallas Stars, I want to work for the Texas Rangers, and ESPN Dallas. There's so much that I want to do and I have no clue where to start.

I LOVE sports. Always have and always will. I mean my birth announcement was a basketball. Basketball was my first love and was my escape for everything. Football was a close second but now baseball has completely taken over my heart. Sports are my life and how I connect to people. The Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Chicago Blackhawks, and the Houston Texans are my favorite teams. One of the cool things about me being a fan of a team; is that I'm a fan for life....or until the other team gets a cuter defensive line. 

But, sports can be my downfall. I get so attached to teams that when they lose, I cry. This love of sports has also caused me to become "one of the guys." 

Sometimes I forget how to girl. 

I watch ESPN constantly and know way too many useless facts about random things. I could totally win a game show with the amount of random knowledge that I have. One day it will be very helpful to me of I'm ever held hostage and they force me to answer trivia. 

Now to the good stuff...a past adventure that completely shaped my future. 

So, this whole forgetting how to girl thing isn't an awkward phase that I'm going through. I've been living it to the fullest my entire life. When I was little, there were these 4 brothers (the Shelburne boys) and I was in love with every single one them. If you asked me who my boyfriend, it was always going to be one of the brothers. You just never knew which one. The oldest three boys had my dad as a teacher and the youngest would ride bikes with me. I'm pretty sure he taught me how me how to ride a bike. 

The boys would come over to get help with homework or just talk to my parents because they were the cool young hip people in town. (My parents are friends with all of my friends, I have to SHARE my friends with my parents. I think there's something wrong with that.) Anyway, the boys would come over and I would hid behind our rocking chair and peek around the corner at them but I would never talk to them. I would just stare. WHAT NORMAL GIRL DOES THAT!?!

I had the most beautiful and kind boys in all of Muleshoe at my house and I hid. I HID I TELL YOU. I forgot how to girlI'm starting to think that I never actually knew how to girl. Sometimes they would even tuck me in bed at night. For the longest time I legitimately thought I was going to marry one of them. I would have bet on it. It didn't matter to me that the oldest (sorry guys, Chris was my favorite) of them was 12 years older than me. I was determined to marry one of them! I shed a small tear when they all got married....

Oh, let's not forget the one time Chris came to school to eat with me when I was in the 1st grade. I was so shy and scared that I couldn't even look at him during lunch, I turned my back toward him and just nodded when he spoke to me. I will never forget that day. BEST DAY EVER. 

You know how there are those kinds of moments in your life and you are really really really embarrassed by...but you can't seem to forget them. I've been thinking about that lunch for over 12 years! Reliving that embarrassment over and over again. Something's are just mean to stay with us forever. 

Dear Shelburne boys, I hope that you read this and laugh as much as I did. Thank you all for being so sweet and kind to me all those years ago. You set an example and standard for all boys to live by. I compare those boys to you all. You all followed Christ and let Him shine through you. Thanks for being my "boyfriends" when I was 6 years old. I'll always have a soft spot for y'all. Congrats on beautiful and Christ-like families. I can only pray that my family is like y'all's one day. 

So thank you Chrostopher, Jeffery, Stephen, and Joshua. You boys were the  

With that being said, all you single fellows out there...I'm single, ready to mingle, and looking to share a Pringle. 

Just kidding....I don't share food. 

Share your stories with me. I'd love to hear about your adventures! And who knows, you just might make the blog! 

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